compagnon hand-made camera bags for creatives

compagnon "the unique" in black

compagnon ” the unique “
in black

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The unique, true to its name, is the first camera bag specially tailored for creative, modern women. It holds anything from a full-frame DSLR like a Nikon D4s or Canon 1Dx Mark II plus several (zoom) lenses and a 13" Macbook Pro or large iPad. It can also take baby bottles or huge personal organizers, of course. Generally, it will handle anything that is useful or not useful in everyday life.

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kamera-camera-gear-equipment-ausrüstung-empfehlung-stauraumWhat fits?

– Full frame DSLR with Battery Grip and prime lens attached

alternatively a Full Frame DSLR with a 70-200 f2.8 attached

– Two additional medium prime lenses

alternatively a prime and a speedlight / off-camera flash

– Macbook / Laptop up to 13“ in separate, padded compartment

alternatively an iPad and/or several documents

– various compartments for numerous lens caps, hoods, filters, memory cards, remotes and so on…

– room for important belongings like keys, wallet, smartphone etc.

tape-measure-size-groeße-maßband-abmessungen-compagnonMeasurements & weight

Exterior dimensions:

main zipper is 40cm long and opens about 30cm wide


– 12 inch (height) x 18.1 inch (width) x 3.9 inch (depth)

– 30,5 cm (height) x 46 cm (width) x 10 cm (depth), closed

Floor Level:

– 12 inch (height) x 14.6 inch (width) x 6.9 inch (depth)

– 30,5 cm (height) x 37 cm (width, floor) x 17,5 cm (depth)

Internal dimensions:

– 9.4 inch (height) x 16.3 inch (width) x 6.5 inch (floor depth)

– 24 cm (height) x 41,5 cm (width) x 16,5 cm (floor depth)


– about 1.4 kg with shoulder strap

– about 1.2 kg without shoulder strap

Laptop compartment width:

– 31,5 cm (12.4 inch) wide,  ideal for 13″ Macbook / Notebook

leder-leather-buffalo-compagnon-bueffelleder-iconInformation on genuine compagnon leather

Original compagnon buffalo leather is tanned and toned according to our strict specifications. Maintaining the natural qualities of this wonderful material is the main focus in this process. Traditional craftsmanship and the use of organic ingredients like various waxes and oils result in the unique ‘pull-up’ characteristic. This feature is a permanent quality that allows for the leather to retain distinctive patina from the individual use of the bag, backpack or camera strap. Therefore the owner and his surroundings have an immediate influence on the looks, feel and character of the product and its change over time. Just like vintage leather armchairs found at an old colonial club room, a compagnon product will tell stories about its life and the adventures its been on together with its owner. Unlike any other bag, a compagnon will grow on you and will become a part of your history and your emotions.
compagnon leather is non-toxic and safe for all children and adults, even in intense use and prolonged skin contact.
This is one of the reasons why we’re strictly recommending our compagnon ‘the beewax’ as the preferred leather care product. In most other leather care products, toxic chemicals or additives are used, which will compromise the unharmful quality of compagnon leather.
The ‘beewax’ is handmade by compagnon using solely organic ingredients. The ‘beewax’ is available at our webshop.

compagnon products are handmade in Europe. Take our tour behind the scenes and find out about craftsmanship and manufacturing at compagnon.
(video features English subtitles.)

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For deliveries to U.S. territory no further import duty & taxes will apply. There will be no extra charges added to net product price & shipping cost.

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What you can fit in this bag

– 1 full frame DSLR like a Nikon D810 or Canon 5Ds with battery grip and a zoom lens up to 70-200mm f2.8

– alternatively 2-3 mirrorless cameras like the Olympus O-MD E-M1, Olympus O-MD E-M5, Olympus O-MD M10, Fuji X Pro 2, Sony A6300, Sony A7R, Leica M6, Leica M240, Leica T, Leica Q and many more.

– two – three prime lenses, like a Sigma 50mm f1.4, Sigma 24mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.4 or two primes plus 1-2 off-camera flashes / speedlights

– separate, padded 13″ notebook or tablet compartment for Macbook Pro, iPad Pro or several document folders

– front zipper pocket for an iPad mini, smartphone, lens caps, filers and/or cleaning utensils

– versatile interior zipper pocket with lots of space for small items and valuables like wallet, keys, ID, chargers, batteries and more

– holding loops for pens or lens pens, notepads, wires, sunglasses and other items

Exterior features

– the unique offers a large opening due to an extra long zipper construction which adds to the stylish trapezium design while offering great access to and visibility of your equipment. The zipper is about 40cm long and allows you to open the bag up to 30cm wide

– the elegant appeal of this female compagnon is complemented by a subtle front side logo

– solid metal parts with a chrome finish (brown model) or gold finish (black model)

– all zippers are chromed (brown model) or matching gold color (black model) and are polished so no hard edges will scratch your gear or your hands

– incredibly versatile front pocket with a zipper that’s protected by a leather layer

– doubly sewn shoulder strap with a leather top layer is supported by a tear proof belt base layer. It also features a detachable shoulder pad for extra comfort

– the shoulder strap can be attached or taken off easily, always suiting your requirements


Our first steps in making the unique, especially there was nothing like this photo bag before, was talking to a lot of women. Asking them how the ideal, stylish camera bag has to look and feel to meet the requirements of modern, creative women. We wanted to know what it has to be able to do, what separates a great bag from all the others and so on.
Originally, we had a really big format in mind. Reason being that, as everyone knows, a woman’s bag usually contains everything that is useful and not useful in everyday life. At any given moment of course!

Finally, we decided otherwise since our female fans told us that the bigger the bag, the bigger the load. Posing a threat on your spine is not what the unique wants to do for you. It was made to support the uniqueness of its carrier, showing focus on function in harmony with design. The unique is an hommage to women that find and follow their own paths.

As becomes a best friend, the compagnon unique is always there for you when you’re in need. Even as the years come and go. Its buffalo leather takes the marks from your adventures, travels and experiences on the chin because our leather features a pull-up effect, creating a beautiful patina becoming more and more unique with every year by your side. A skin that is able to tell your story and remind you of them.

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