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compagnon "the backpack" in dark green & light brown

compagnon “the backpack”
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The backpack:
Finally the glorious blend of compagnon bull leather and genuine Scottish waxed canvas has been introduced to both shoulders.
A photo backpack that’s an ideal compagnon on your way to the office, on a hike or during a photo shoot.
Highly functional design, clever & handy details, dapper look thats simultaneously urban and adventurous.
Specs & features:
What fits:
– 2 full frame DSLR Bodies like a Canon 1D X Mark II or Nikon D5
– about 6-7 lenses (standing upright, for lenses up to 16cm height)
– 3-4 mirrorless systems like the Sony A7 RII, Fuji X100s, Panasonic Lumix GH4 or Fuji X Pro 2 with mounted lenses plus about 4-5 lenses (standing upright).
– 1-2 off-camera flashes / speedlights
– up to 15″ size Macbook Pro in separate compartment incl. leather clasp with press stud
– small filter stack or 2 transmitters
– up to 2 tripods in the exterior holding loops
– chargers, (multi-)camera straps  and wires in the rolltop
– countless memory cards or external drives
– various small parts in dedicated mesh pockets
– Valuables & essentials like smartphone, wallet, keys, etc.
Exterior dimensions:
19.5inch (height) x 12.6inch (width) x 8.6 inch (depth)
Internal dimensions:
main storage: 15.8 inch (height) x 12 inch (width) x 6.2 inch (depth)
unfolded rolltop as extra storage: max. 12 inch (height) x 12 inch (width)
Laptop compartment width:
max. 14.5 inch (height) x 9.25 inch (width) x 1.2 inch (depth)
ca. 2.0 kg
Unique compagnon leather
Genuine compagnon bull leather is tanned and toned according to our strict specifications by a traditional family run tannery in Northern Germany. Maintaining the natural qualities of this wonderful material is the main focus in this process. Traditional craftsmanship and the use of organic ingredients like various waxes and oils result in the unique ‘pull-up’ characteristic. This feature is a permanent quality that allows for the leather to retain distinctive patina from the individual use of the bag, backpack or camera strap. Therefore the owner and his surroundings have an immediate influence on the looks, feel and character of the product and its change over time. Just like vintage leather armchairs found at an old colonial club room, a compagnon product will tell stories about its life and the adventures its been on together with its owner. Unlike any other bag, a compagnon will grow on you and will become a part of your history and your emotions.
compagnon leather is non-toxic and safe for all children and adults, even in intense use and prolonged skin contact.
This is one of the reasons why we’re strictly recommending our compagnon ‘the beewax’ as the preferred leather care product. In most other leather care products, toxic chemicals or additives are used, which will compromise the unharmful quality of compagnon leather.
The ‘beewax’ is handmade by compagnon using solely organic ingredients. The ‘beewax’ is available at our webshop.
compagnon products are handmade in Europe.
Take our tour behind the scenes and find out about craftsmanship and manufacturing at compagnon.
(video features English subtitles.)
Authentic compagnon Waxed Canvas
Genuine compagnon waxed Canvas is traditionally crafted in Scotland by a manufacturer looking back on a history of cotton and canvas crafting for British Royal Navy sails. Therefore, compagnon canvas also provides strong protection against the elements.
For compagnon, this stunning material is made in doubled thickness compared to other canvas products on the market. This way the sturdiness and durability matches the compagnon leather, staying your faithful compagnon for decades.
To our knowledge, authentic waxed Canvas is the only vegan, natural material able to retain a ‘patina’ from its use, similar to our beloved pull-up leather.
compagnon canvas is a natural product, thus non-toxic and safe for all children and adults, even in intense use and prolonged skin contact.
If the material is under intense use, especially in warm/hot weather or wet/humid conditions, we’re recommending to add some wax to the fibre after 12-24 months. This is a fairly simple process which merely requires some pure wax and a hairdryer. To maintain the unharmful quality of the fibre, make sure to use pure, organic wax. Genuine pure canvas care wax, made specifically for by us for use with our products, is available in our webshop.
Included items
– 2x separator pad large with folding function
– 8x separator pad small
– 1x leather SD/CF card holder (velcro fit)
– 1x leather mesh pocket small (velcro fit)
– 1x leather mesh pocket large (velcro fit)
– 1x rolltop separator (velcro fit)
– 1x strengthening padded interior floor (velcro fit)
– 10x leather straps for extra item fastening (velcro fit)
Optional accessories
“the waistbelt” (detachable)
“the quiver” exterior tripod mount
Color choices:
This compagnon is currently sold out. Expected back in stock in 2 weeks. Preorder available & highly recommended.

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The backpack – compagnon on two shoulders

Black Forest Roamer – The original
The Black Forest, home of compagnon, inspired us to this classic color combo with forest green canvas and caramel brown bull leather. The natural qualities of these two fabrics are reflected in their look. Distinctive outdoor character with dapper chic. Laid back and yet very sophisticated. Its style is traditional and timelessly classy, highly likable and still luxurious. The essence of compagnon and its heritage. The coolest camera backpack there is.

The style icon reinventing itself
Never out of place, always dapper & stylish, laid back and smart at the same time. Right in the center of the city or in a base camp next to a mountain lake, it will amaze you with its functionality and incomparable style. We’ve brought all that to one amazing product blending authentic Scotland canvas and naturally tanned German bull leather. The holy grail of natural materials, turned into a legend by amazing craftsmanship. One of the key ‘features’ of the backpack is its understatement. Impossible to tell it is a photography or video backpack, pickpockets won’t notice you at all. That’s a passive security measure every compagnon bag can provide.

Subtle ergonomics enabling you to do your best
To be truly creative, you have to keep moving. And be agile if necessary. That’s the way to find amazing angles, awesome frames and views. The thick padded shoulder straps and the back panel are made from signature compagnon bull leather, feel incredibly soft while being durable. Even if the backpack is fully loaded it carries with ease and comfort. The adjustable chest strap just as the optional waistbelt keeps it securely attached to your body in any position. You could jump through hoops all day, go for land speed records on your bike or climb perilous cliffs.

Details making a big difference
Not only does the backpack offer a total of 5 individually sized net pockets which are perfect to keep travel documents, cash, smartphones, keys, batteries, filters and more organized. Two of these pockets feature a velcro rear side so they can be positioned and or detached according to your requirements. This way you’ll always have a neat case for small items you can put in your pocket in a second. Same goes for the included memory card holder. Its slots are specifically marked to distinguish between full and empty cards. So when it’s editing time one grab will get you all the results from your shoot. If you prefer to do the edit right where you are, there is a separate padded compartment that will carry most laptops, like a Macbook Pro up to 15 inch size.

Experience the extraordinary
Besides its timeless, cool look the backpack blends European craftsmanship, naturally & traditionally tanned bull leather from Northern Germany and historic, authentic waxed Canvas from Scotland. The very kind of canvas that has been used by the British Royal Navy since the 18th century, when the water resistance and ruggedness of this fabric helped conquering the seas. Combined with durable hooks and rings made from aluminium as well as the signature stainless steel COBRA rolltop buckle made by premium Austrian manufacturer AustriAlpin, the backpack can be your companion for years and decades to come. No matter where the wind will take you. Compared to other customary products compagnon canvas is sized to roughly double thickness so you won’t ever have to avoid a rain shower or everyday strain. All outside zippers are made by prime manufacturer YKK and feature a water resistant coating. Our compagnon canvas and leather will retain a beautiful, unique patina reflecting on its use and the adventures you’ve been on together. The nylon belts boast military specs in tear resistance and durability.

Function blended into design
This camera backpack will not limit you to one single tripod or tent mount on its floor but also offers additional transport straps on the right side. So there’s plenty of storage for a second tripod, especially if you add the optional tripod quiver to the mix. But you could also fit water bottles or other bulky equipment. The incredible versatility of the rolltop itself provides you with a third way to carry your tripod. Simply roll it around the tripod and secure it with the nylon strap and COBRA buckle. Alternatively you could remove the detachable padded separator between the rolltop storage and the main storage compartment. This way you could store delicate items inside the bag, even if the are much bigger than the main storage itself. The rolltop itself is perfect to carry jackets, dry backup clothing, extra shoes and or camping utensils. Even if you’re only able to fold the opening once 8 sewn in magnets make sure the opening will latch automatically and no rain can make its way inside.



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