compagnon hand-made camera bags for creatives

Book A Backpack

All creative minds currently planning a creative project, a holiday with your camera or a special event of some sort that you’re going to need the support of a compagnon for. If that’s what you’re on at the moment, the book-a-backpack is exactly for you.

What you can expect?
We’ll provide you with an original backpack with all add ons included. During your project it will be your assistant and taking care of your equipment. The backpack comes with “the waistbelt” for extra comfort during long tours or hikes and the versatile “the (tripod) quiver”.

How much is it?
It’s free. There is no rental fee.

What we expect?
To remember all those hearts this backpack is going to cheer in its lifetime, a compagnon “the notebook” comes with the backpack. You should use this notebook as a logbook while traveling or working on your project, keeping your experiences, stories and more for future participants and us at compagnon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drawing of some great place, some notes for taking specific images, some ideas or concepts, a travel route, some culinary/dining recommendations or some funny random story. That’s up to you.

Let the camera speak?
Of course that’s the most important part. Additionally we ask for some great snaps of the book-a-backpack as it’s getting to know new places and new people. Obviously some of those images will be included in the “Book A Backpack” logbook later and being shared on our Blog/Social Media for all others to enjoy.

Time is Now
The compagnon backpack may well be a jack of all trades but there’s one thing it can’t do. Being in two different places at the same time. So there’s a booking calendar helping you to find out whether the book-a-backpack is available around your project or holiday. It is? Apply for it today! (nlow. dates may change no short notice)

Apply for it? How?
Simply use the short contact form on this page. All valid applications will be reviewed. If you’re an eligible participant, we’ll get in touch with you shortly. We’re looking forward to hear about your plans & ideas.



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