The new backpack 2.0

We are opening a new chapter with our worldwide popular backpack. For years the most successful compagnon of all, highly praised for its comfort and stylish look, it is now entering Generation 2. We have listened to your feedback, your praise and your criticism and we've worked hard to develop an even better, more convenient and practical successor for you. 
So what's new about the latest model? 
What can the new backpack 2.0 do?

We couldn't easily change an icon like the backpack. Its material mix has always been part of its DNA, therefore Scottish canvas and our natural bullskin from Germany will unite in the future.
But the canvas fibre is no longer from the past. But from today. Our new hybrid canvas now has it proverbially in it. And that's the wax. This is no longer visible but is enclosed in the fiber.
So the backpack 2.0 is not only much easier to care for and less susceptible to dirt. Despite its identical robustness and water resistance, the new canvas is particularly convincing on the scales. Including all the new features we present to you here, we were able to save approx. 10% weight for you. dirt, rain and the like no longer have an easy game, so the new backpack only forms a minimal patina. If you love the unique patina of the waxed canvas, you can of course create this traditional look with the new backpack by further waxing from the outside.

In order to achieve an even more stable stand, the bottom cap was reinforced. No matter how heavy you load it, the front of the bottom cap remains stable and does not buckle. More stability has also been added to the partition between the roll top and the photo storage space. A larger, redesigned Velcro surface means it sits more securely in the backpack and makes the roll top even more usable. To provide even more quickly available storage space for small parts, you'll now find a large zipper pocket on both sides and fixing straps for your tripod on both sides. 

An essential aspect for a backpack is ergonomics and wearing comfort. After all, with the backpack 2.0 you should also feel comfortable on longer trips. The new backpack has been able to make even more headway with more ready shoulder straps and more efficient padding. The optional waistbelt has also been completely redesigned and can now shift more weight to the waistbelt. A welcome relief for your back. The new 'waistbelt' will be available in a few weeks. Of course we also took a closer look at the chest strap. It is now held by leather straps and is therefore always ready to hand. At the end of the shoulder straps we have also added practical thumb loops, so you can adjust the backpack faster and easier for yourself. 

Last but not least, we add a dash of color to the mix. The very popular combinations green/light brown and grey/light brown remain in the lineup. But in addition there is the backpack 2 in sand/dark brown, a very discreet all black model and also an all new backpack in the timeless combination of dark blue & light brown. 

The remainders of the red and orange models of the predecessor are on sale for you while stocks last. So don't wait too long if you like these colors best. They are in limited supply and future classics.
We're looking forward to your feedback and to the continuation of the legend of the 'backpack' from the Black Forest, the coolest of its kind.

Photography by Felix Groteloh at Heritage Barbershop Freiburg

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