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The little weekender is coming

Starting June 2017

Size matters
The regular weekender has always been the largest camera bag in the compagnon lineup. Its enormous storage space for camera equipment as well as other belongings blended with its classic, dashing style made it very popular. Since its introduction in 2014 we've heard people praising its design but not its size. The weekender was the ideal compagnon for 2-3 Pro DSLR setups including 6-10 lenses, much more than many customers need. For all those users that prefer compact or medium sized equipments we're now introducing its compact brother in 13 inch size. Designed for storing 1-2 full frame bodies and 2-5 lenses it offers the timeless and beloved weekender-look while being highly wearable and everyday-carry capable. When it comes to leather and craftsmanship it follows suit to the 2nd generation messengers: A more luxurious fit and finish, European naturally tanned leather, trolley strap, more subtle compagnon labels and more. Good genes
The new compact weekender offers all features of its bigger brother, even perfecting them to a higher standard. The incredibly large opening of the main storage with twin zippers made by YKK is still easy to use and quick to open. The flap automatically finds its position due to incorporated magnets. The large opening grants easy access to all equipment parts, be it the 13" Macbook Pro in the laptop compartment or smaller items in the interior zipper pocket. Of course, all padded separators are removable to use the little weekender as a regular, stylish travel bag.

Follow suit
We need your help in an important matter: The classic regular weekender is available in two-tone leather variations, light brown main body with dark brown features or black body with added dark brown highlights. Would you like to see the little weekender in the same color pattern or would you prefer single color models in light brown, dark brown and black?


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