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Our last update has been released a few weeks ago, and we've tried our best to gather feedback with our partners about factors that will delay the Element Line production.

Everyone on this planet does know how the pandemic outbreak is putting social lives and all kinds of manufacturers under huge stress and difficulties. Sadly, this holds true for the Element Line as well.

Update July 31st
We're on time according to our last update (below). The Element Line will arrive at our facility on wednesday or thursday next week. So, finally, it's Go Time. We're already up to our heads in boxes and preparations for the start of shipping. Especially these days we kindly ask you to avoid calling or sending messages about shipping or delivery dates. Each inquiry slows down our progress in getting everything ready and having those deliveries leaving effectively and safely. We can't provide any more precise information than the info in this update and we need everyone from our team to get this enormous delivery handled and sent to you. Thank you for your understanding. Of course, you will receive a shipping information mail from our system as soon as your parcel is in the hands of our carrier. We can barely wait to see your excitement of your new Element bag(s) arriving. Yeah!

Update July 21st
The Element Line is expected to arrive at Germany's largest harbour in Hamburg on July 29th.
As there are additional precautions and processes to comply with to import such huge deliveries, we're told that the Element Line will arrive at our facility in the first week of August (3rd to 7th).
As mentioned earlier, we'll start the shipping process on the day of delivery.
As soon as we get a more precise delivery date from our logistics partner in Hamburg, we'll notify you about it right here, on Kickstarter and on Social Media.
Again, we appreciate your patience, your understand and continued support. And we'd like to ask you kindly not to contact our customer service for a more specific shipping date. Everything we can tell you is what you can find in our public updates. And promising certain delivery dates is, unfortunately, impossible and would be quite dubious. Just like you, we can't wait to have the fabulous Element Line in our hands.

Update March 31st
Finally we can provide news on how the Element project is doing and what the current shipping estimates are. We would have loved to come out with this update sooner but even though we've been on phones and skype all the time, most of our partners could only answer to our questions: "We don't know." As previously mentioned we faced the issue of our XPac shell fabric not being sent out of the US plant before the country & its industry shut down due to the pandemic.
Now, we've finally been promised the fabric will arrive at our manufacturing plant by mid-June. Everything else is waiting for the arrival and we're ready to run with it as soon as the XPac is there.
Our current logistics planning and booking should have the huge Element Line delivery arrive at our facility by late July. That's when shipping will start immediately. We can obviously not guarantee these dates, but barring any nation-wide setbacks for our manufacturing or logistics, we're positive those dates will hold up.
Again, we can't thank you enough for sticking with us and showing continued understanding and patience during these crazy times.
Oh, and 'one more thing': as we didn't sit on our hands while the pandemic was raging, we've created an awesome add-on for you. The new Element pouch adds a versatile tech organizer to the lineup. The Element pouch will arrive a couple of weeks after the rest of the Element Line, therefore you can preorder it now at a special discount price.

In the previous update, we told you about the machine down-time that occurred with our manufacturing partner of the X-Pac fabric. Shortly after the production was being resumed, the US plant making the Element Line fabric has been closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States.

As of now, it is difficult to estimate when the crucial X-Pac fabric delivery can leave the plant in the US and arrive at our manufacturing partner. We've been told there might be some dependable information/timetables in around 1 week. We'll just hope for some great news then so further delay can be limited. Incorporating the Element Line into the production plans of our other partners is also difficult because every global project is delayed right now.

In any case, we'll provide an update and spread the information once that's possible. As an outlook, shipping the Element Line in May is looking impossible right now, unfortunately.

We're very sorry about the state of this project's time frame, but we certainly understand & accept that the health and lives of people, also the ones involved in making the Element Line, are most important. We hope you, our appreciated backers, along with your families, are all healthy and stay healthy. Let's all do our part to get through this crisis as quickly as possible and resume lives and work to normal soon.

Thank you again for sticking with us and thank you for your patience and understanding,

Take care, your compagnon Team

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