Photokina 2016 Impressions

Photokina 2016 - Impressions

We've been at work. Hard. It's been our long time goal to take this little boat, called compagnon, out on the largest ocean of camera and photography fares in the world: The photokina. And we wanted to achieve this step with our small 4 men/girl crew, not by hiring hostesses, booth builders, contractors and so on. Our photokina appearance was to be shaped after our product's key elements: hand made, real, natural, organic, special and totally unique. But would this concept gain any appreciation at the fare? Would our vision sit well with visitors? Will they like what they see? And have an understanding for the emotion of the compagnon brand, our products and our values? Or would we stand among all those international big players like clueless country guys from Germany's Black Forest region? Well, without getting your feet wet you'll never find out how deep the sea actually is...


As we started to build our booth for the first time, right on the spot, between all the other exhibitors, we immediately knew how different our outing would be from the others. But that's been one key objective for us. The entire booth and everything in it has been built and/or made by us ourselves. As the last screw was placed and our artificial lawn had been laid we were really happy about how it turned out. That night we collapsed into our beds, our inflatable mattresses actually, as we chose to stay in our tent close to convention center Cologne. We were expecting the true judges of our work and vision the next morning. You.


Long story short: Your enthusiasm, your feedback and your response to our products knocked our socks off. Many known faces stopped by and said hi, some of them are loyal compagnon customers since 2013, when we started the brand. In addition we got to welcome famous friends and compagnon users that had their own fans following them closely. Seeing that these fans are already compagnon fans too is amazing. Let's name folks like Stilpirat Steffen Böttcher or Carmen & Ingo Leitner, who all stopped by for a personal interview session. Same goes for Max Leitner who represented the highly talented and aspiring instagram artists. The guys of Netucated stopped by with their VLOG camera set, Ben Hammer dropped in to host ClickClickWhat Live Session together with Stilpirat.


Countless fans, customers and visitors that literally besieged our booth most of the time gave us the impression that we certainly did all the right things and made all the right decisions to have our products excite you the way we've imagined. We've received great feedback of popular photography coaches and artists like Andrey Balabasov, Martin Krolop und Calvin Hollywood and others. What more could you ask for?


Of course there's one thing: Seeing happy faces with the people who stopped by to try and test our products. And we got these as well. Creative people, that hadn't heard the name compagnon before, fell in love instantly, shredded their existing wish list or ordering their favorite model right away. Customers that did know about us hit our booth first, arriving at the venue, to extend their personal compagnon product range or dragging their friends and family members with them to make sure they finally got a perfect, beautiful camera bag. This was a quote by the way.


What's next? We're excited for what's to come and we have many fond memories of the photokina days. Several tasks are waiting for compagnon. Currently we're working hard on fulfilling all your orders and requests as quickly as we can. Please bear with us if delivery of your compagnon bag takes a few days longer than you're used to. We certainly prepared ahead for this event, but even though we always like to be optimistic, we couldn't foresee this incredible demand for our products.  
We'd like to say a great 'Thank you' to all visitors of our booth, new customers and existing ones, countless new fans and newsletter subscribers as well as all people in the great compagnon community. For all of you, and the people who couldn't make it to Cologne to see the photokina for themselves, we've collected some snaps from what was going down in hall 4.1, booth I029.

Again: It's been INCREDIBLE. Thanks y'all!


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