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Responsible production and our desire to incorporate the best possible craftsmanship into our products is an essential part of what compagnon stands for. To show you we’re playing for keeps we’re taking you to our workshop to give you a chance to actually see where your compagnon bag was made. No fake scenery, no actors, no stock material. Just a behind the scenes visit, an open talk. Honest. And live.

Welcome to the compagnon workshop & manufactory Cracow

Co-founder Vitalis spends several days at our workshop here every couple of weeks, being available to our highly skilled seamstresses and craftsmen to discuss the production process or possible improvements to the manufacturing process. Improving the final product is not the only motivation behind this step. We like to utilize the knowledge and experience our workers like to share and give them the chance to show their expertise. Any compagnon product can benefit from decades of leather craft and sewing experience. To show you which hands made your compagnon and help us bring new prototypes and great ideas into our lineup, co-founder Valentin went along to Cracow this time. And he took his film camera with him:



Cracow offered up all the things that were important to us as well as beneficial to our products. Being close to Austria and Germany and looking back on a central European historic influence, our perception of quality and premium craft was welcome and fully understood from the beginning. Talking with every worker results in a conversation based on appreciation, consciousness of tradition, harmonious working climate and an open mind towards the individual requirements of the other. This by its own suits the compagnon brand perfectly.





Making a compagnon bag, especially as natural fabrics and materials are involved, is difficult and complex steps will come up eventually. Building prototypes several issues my arise that have to be discussed to be addressed in the best way possible. Therefore it’s essential for Vitalis to be able to decide in minutes to be there for the craftsmen and seamstresses as the go-to guy.





A product claiming respect and appreciation almost always results from a craft that has to be cherished in the same way. That’s why it is important to us to appreciate our workers and seamstresses and pay them a fair living wage. Our type of manufacturing process leaves room for individual talents and personal requirements of each person. A master seamstress with over 30 or 40 years of experience is not scrapped but cherished for her input and knowledge here.





There’s no stopping progress and technology, but tradition deserves its place too. We’re obviously using some modern machines in our workshop but the bulk of the work that goes into a compagnon product is done by craftsmen’s hands and faithful sewing machines still serving well after several decades. Why would anyone chance a winning team? And if you do, you make sure to do it cautiously. That’s what we fairly believe in.





compagnon products offer a large live span, escorting you through several years. Especially as we use natural fabrics and materials it might get necessary to repair a little bug or build a custom change according to customer requirements. If these tasks go beyond the capabilities of our workshop in Birkenfeld, Germany these gifted hands take on your demands.





Designing a bag that looks great and work just as well, that’s what we work on all the time. Blending an exciting idea with the compagnon factor is one thing, making it come to life is where these amazing women and men come in. As we test our prototype models ourselves we’ll find out which design deserves the name compagnon. Now you know that each compagnon contains the knowledge, abilities and passion of many people. We think that’s a delight. And we certainly hope you feel the same way…