compagnon for inspiration - Part 4:
Natalie "MISSHATTAN" Amrossi

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Gathering some inspiration from artists, that find interesting spots and create beautiful pictures from those. You can never go wrong with that.

A great reason to regularly feature great artists who astounded and/or inspired us with their amazing work. These artists are pros, semi-pros or amateurs, they come from different corners of the world and might actually work in an entirely different place. They all shared some insights on themselves and their work in a little interview with us. And there is something else they all have in common: They are immensely talented and enjoy the service of a personal compagnon.


"compagnon for inspiration" - Part 4

Short Intro

Natalie, born and raised in New York, she envisioned living and working in the heart of Manhattan. To have a chance of her dream becoming true, she successfully graduated in Business Management and shortly after accepted a job offer working for a financial institution, specialized in investment banking research. On her way to the office, through New York City streets, she realized that her passion was right in front of her. She began taking pictures so she could finally see things the way her mind had always imagined they could look like. Two years into her career in finance, she decided to pursue her passion for photography. We no backup and no planning but a positive gut feeling, she left the corporate world to become a freelance artist. Since then, her alias, Misshattan, is firmly established in the creative world, not only from Queens to Jersey. Today, her images are featured in Wall Street Journal, Vogue or on She partners with Jaguar, Nike, AT&T, HP and alike. 

We're glad we could get Natalie to set down her compagnon unique for a second so we could have a little smalltalk:


compagnon: Natalie, after your over-night jump into photography you had quite a ride. Could you name some skills any great photographer should have? Misshattan: A great photographer should have their own unique perspective. And they should be able to bring their images to life. That's the key.   compagnon: From an artist's perspective, what is the best time of the day? Misshattan: I prefer to shoot natural light, meaning everything outside of a studio. I love playing with shadows and making images that have a certain mood and tone.  
    compagnon: Obviously the streets of New York, on your daily commute, have been inspiring factors for you. But where does your passion for photography come from these days? Misshattan: The love for photography comes from the love I have for life. I like to keep that memory safe with me through images.
    compagnon: So, talking Tec. Is there some equipment you always carry with you? Speaking of "not leaving home without it"? Misshattan: I always carry a Canon 6D when I travel. I can wirelessly transfer my images to my mobile device to share on different social media channels. And I'll always have a wide angle lens, such as the 16-35 and a 24-105 lens.  Having a tripod is a must!!!!! Especially using natural light in low light situations.
  compagnon: Considering your life and your career, is there something you are really proud of? Misshattan: I am really proud that I was able to leave my finance job and become a full time photographer. It has been an incredible roller coaster ride and I continue to look forward to what comes next. compagnon: Thank you for your time, Natalie. We wish you continued success for your ambitions and looking forward to hear from you and see you sharing incredible images.

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All images in this feature were kindly provided by MISSHATTAN. Copyright MISSHATTAN LLC. All rights reserved.

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