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Summer's luring creatives to the great outdoors all over the globe. More often than not just to surprise them with rain, hail and wind. But faith and a positive attitude can move mountains. Dealing with mountains, sun, rain and outdoor photography you couldn't find better backup than the compagnon backpack.

The new backpack Edition is set to provide some sparkle on dull, dismal days all year round. Blending with sun and snow alike.

Today you'll get to check out all candidates for the new compagnon Edition backpack series and give your casting vote on your favorite one:


Right between a Leica and Knight Rider - Black Fire Fire's blazing, it won't get much hotter anytime soon. With this bad boy you and your camera
are always on fire (allegorically, of course). No matter if your equipment is all black or
even boasts red dots, red rings or red grips, in this compagnon it'll instantly feel
as if it was specifically taylored for your gear.


The Desert King - one you wouldn't want to send packing Cross any wasteland like a sand storm and bring the expedition and adventure look
to the city with you. A lord of the dunes that proves its value not only in
vast heat, but will be your stylish compagnon all year round. Saffron yellow Canvas holds
incredible patina building potential finding its perfect match with light brown bull leather.


Fall season farmhouse - Red Oak Strong and dependable like an oak in autumn colors, this model will face miserable weather
while making up for in with warm, cosy appeal like a bespoke, vintage tearoom
on a rainy day. Still featuring all qualities of the compagnon backpack. Dark brown bull leather
adds noble and elite demeanor to the known elite performance of this well spoken compagnon.


Presence over discreet style - Extreme Tiger There's no activity or sport too extreme for this one. It can take just as much as its brothers,
but it wants everyone to know of its ability.
On the beach or in snow flurry its mantra is: Neither my carrier nor me will give in, no
matter the challenge. And when it's time for your camera to seek shelter, the authentic Canvas
and pure leather can show all their protective abilities.


Anything but a plain Jane - Urban Wanderer The grey option suits the urban jungle perfectly, a stylish big city vibe through & through.
The light brown bull leather makes it dapper and provides distinctive appeal,
complementing well with suit & tie or shorts & cross bike. Its new matte grey Scottish canvas
means its casual and cool, the caramel leather means it blends well
with any occasion. A jack of all trades.


King of the Wild - Outback Orange The orange glow of the steppe, dark brown undergrowth providing some shade
for its kings. That's you and your backpack. It will handle torrid heat and blazing sun just fine.
Also it knows when its time to pursue your goals for all its worth or apply calm composure.
If any rain or snow comes up that's nothing but a welcome change of pace for it. This is
the closest Scotland, Australia and Germany have come in quite a while.


Now all new candidates for the backpack Edition have showed their work. Now its on you to decide their faith.
Tell us which one has won over your heart.

Which one would you buy? Simply fill in this form and weigh in on the decision:

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