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Personally reaching out to the entire compagnon community almost feels somewhat odd for me, even though just that has been my daily routine at compagnon HQ for more than two years. Being responsible for Marketing and IT at compagnon, my focus is obviously set on any kind of communication between you and us. Besides having interviews with our ambassadors and guests to share on our blog, we're creating all kinds of entertaining content around photography and compagnon as a brand. This is how we're building our appreciated Social Media channels and our renowned monthly newsletter. So our site with shop and blog has to keep pace.

There have been fundamental changes going on here at compagnon over the last couple months. Our Kickstarter campagne to fund the explorer backpacks, being our first, massive project of this kind, entirely made, planned, created and run in-house, taught us a vital lesson:

We've built towards the next milestone. 
The explorer backpack, made in cooperation with the legendary German backpack brand Deuter, started to turn into an incredible success like we would have never imagined. New challenges arose over night, especially in the logistics and fulfillment department, as such a massive project brings a certain demand with it. In the meantime, our existing leather and canvas products became more and more popular too, especially beyond the European continent.

Yet again, we had to manage the demand somehow and grow into our new shoes. 

Typically, I tend to concentrate as much as possible on the technological side of things. Whenever a visitor or customer has difficulties finding what he/she is interested in or completing an order, no matter if that user is on a smartphone, iPad or desktop, I want to learn and get better from it.
At one point, we had to accept that we had grown out of our existing webshop & website. We had to move on.

Listing our requirements and wishes, plans and visions for the new website, everyone could see that something like this could not be created, let alone, planned, in a day or two. 

And as it's the case for any web project, this was no different: For any task that was completed, it magically created three others. As we stuck to our guns and, once again, planned, created, adapted and released the entire site in-house with our own hands, my waking & working hours we almost completely consumed by this project. Still we did our best to maintain our dialogue with all of you just like our community is expecting and provide entertainment, interaction and information along the way. 

Last week the eagerly awaited explorer backpacks finally arrived at our facility and got sent out to you in record time (we're quite proud of ourselves here). We took sunday off just to come back today with even more awesome news: We're celebrating the premiere of the new second Generation 'the weekender'. Such big news are obviously the perfect occasion to release the new compagnon site & shop with it. As all of this has been made for you, we're adding limited free shipping worldwide on top of it. 

So what has changed at our site?
A lot, frankly. Our new virtual home offers first class usability, faster response times, ore functionality and security. Maybe you've had a look 'round and experienced some trouble, e.g. pages not loading as expected or broken connections: As the new products are in such high demand, our servers can't cope with the traffic as of now so we're beefing them up even further to make sure the site is stable all the time. This process should be finished around thursday. Please bear with us till then.
For the new shop, we had to give up the existing customer accounts. These are no longer accessible.
Please feel free to create a new one for your future orders. With your account you can managage and check up on all kinds of things, from delivery tracking to subscriptions.
If you need assistance relating to an order from the old shop, simply contact us via email.
As mentioned earlier, the first days with the new site are like watching a baby learning to walk. No matter how much testing you do, you won't have everything sorted from the beginning. The will be some stumble along the way but we're working to make the site run like Usain Bolt shortly. If you encounter any issues placing an order or finding some information, simply send us an email so we can help you out individually.

What's to expect?
Our visions for the future of compagnon will make sure, that our site changes and develops accordingly but still I'm looking forward to be offering more entertaining content for you in the next couple of weeks. There's even a highlight coming up for me peronally: NYC-based photographer and tutor Matt Granger will join our illustrious Ambassador team and meet me for an exclusive smalltalk & interview for our blog series.
Also there are many fares we're visiting in 2018, like the Photokina in Cologne, and for the first time ever, we're showing our dapper compagnon lineup live
on American soil at PhotoPlus Expo New York City

The stuff that you don't say aloud as often as you should...
With this stressful and mindboggling time just past us, we'd like to end on a big Thank you.
The entire compagnon team appreciates your awesome support, passion for our products and the brand itself as well as your amazing loyalty. Your excitement for our work is what keeps us going and motivated for every upcoming challenge.
Also I'd like to say thanks to our talented team. Performing to the max and pulling together is what allows our mutual visions to become reality. Starting with Vitalis, who keeps the team pointing in the right direction even on tough days and leads with consideration and his calm nature. Valentin, who shares ideas and inspiration even though he's working on his film company fulltime now. Kyungmi, a creative master, who seems to understand how I envision certain content usually way before I could describe it to her. Simone, who is eliminating the time-consuming aspects in everyday business and also finds any possible (or impossible) dawning issue waiting to happen. And there's our Marketing intern Lukas, who had to learn many new things over the last months to take care of various tasks and to allow me putting my time into our new online shop. 

We have created something great and we'll achieve so much more going forward. Thank you all.

Going forward? How? When it comes to innovation, we've already done and achieved a lot in 2018, considering the year is only halfway over. Still, we have no intentions of slowing down. Not only are we working on new, fabulous products that will start coming out around fall, we're also adding new aspects to our website. Our official dealers may look forward to their personal shop. And we're building new content and functions to offer more interaction, inspiration and interactivity to our community of international creatives. Again, all under our roof, where we'll always stick to our mantra: compagnon - made for creatives.

Enjoy discovering all the features and content in our new Shop.
Best regards from the entire compagnon Team,

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