Once the sun has disappeared, our guest starts to work. Between the steel and tarmac of the city he's proving, that the skill of leaving stuff out sometimes even applies to light. Together with his compagnon backpack he reigns over Vienna at night. Please welcome MXMILIAN.
This month our guest is a real international. Born in Taiwan but lives in Great Britain. If you have ever gazed fondly at a picture of some stunning livingroom of a penthouse, it was probably done by Ethan Lee.
This time a colorful guy from Cologne ist visiting us. He is open to many motifs and he uses it to keep his popular blog running. Today the tables are turned on him and he's the one answering questions. Say hello to Ben Hammer.
This time we’re introducing a photographer who does take his camera to the places where life is vivid and multifaceted. Buzzing streets, colorful people, captured in moving black & white photos. We welcome Feyzi Demirel.
Others spend their holidays in the alps but our guest this month calls them home. He’s quickly gaining recognition on instagram by sharing beautiful compositions from the alps with people all over the world. We are talking about nobody else than Patrick Güller himself.
Our guest this month won't be a nobody for an avid magazine reader. He's been shaping the look of these pages for well over one and a half decades. His results and the final image are his main focus. Let's offer a seat to Brian Caissie
This month we’re welcoming a photographer, who is specialized in capturing exactly the same thing that drives him towards his goals in photography every single day: Love. We present Karlis Kalnins.
New York would be boring without her. She is immensely talented and enjoys the service of a personal compagnon. Her Style is loved by her big community and us. We welcome Natalie Amrossi.
For our guest today photography is a passion, that never takes a day off. Photography is every second in his life and in his heart. We're introducing Marc Wiegelmann to you.
This time, we introduce you to a young artist and photographer, who is getting more and more popular since entering the instagram community. Somehow he keeps presenting us with mind-boggeling images from all over the world. Say hello to Johannes Becker.
Today we'll introduce you to a passionated photographer. His work is very laid-back, his photos are real, natural and down to earth. Even critical eyes can relax while he does his thing. Welcome Marc Grimm.
It's strong, long-lasting, is from natural origin and doesn't has to fear rain. We are talking about waxed canvas, The new members of our compagnon family are made of it. Proudly we present you our new backpacks.
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