5000 Facebook Fans - Thank You!

5000 Facebook Fans - 5000 compagnons

We feel blessed. Time to give something back.

Acquiring fans and followers isn't everything but we appreciate every single fan who enjoys being in touch with compagnon, our products, values and updates. Thankfully, we were able to convince a growing community of creative people of the quality, appeal, lifestyle and amazing performance of compagnon products and turn these people into loyal fans.

When we realized these huge steps were quickly leading us up to the 5000 Facebook fan mark, we had to come up with something to celebrate this milestone. Obviously, the most important compagnons of all, you guys out there, should have a part in this celebration, see and feel for yourself what this step means to us and have a reason to celebrate with us. As transparency, absolute honesty and responsibility are of utmost importance at compagnon, we would like to speak about that "leading advertising company" that created the concept for this campaign while going on a 2-week business trip to the Maldives (see the video).

We have to revoke some of these facts: The leading advertising company was actually just the compagnon team meeting and the mentioned trip to the Maldives was more like the afternoon coffee at our showroom in the Black Forest, but it was a sunny day, mind you. And even though (or maybe just because) we didn't use those resources, we created a highly complex concept ourselves. The key points were: 1. Smoke-bombs and 2. Bengal lights.

Few hours later we started shooting and filming. In other words: Three blokes met up in the Black Forest at nighttime, wearing handmade backpacks stuffed with camera gear and fireworks. Our hometown of Pforzheim offered everything else, like the highest peak of our region. What happened from there is what you can see in the video.

To thank y'all for your support, you can win a compagnon backpack on thecompagnon facebook channel. You heard that right. That's one amazing price for an amazing achievement.

We're looking forward to what the future holds for the compagnon brand and will continue to give it our all and come up with ideas, products and new designs that will delight & inspire you and allow you to enjoy & pursue your own creativity every day. By the way, speaking of "giving our all": Vitalis has survived the filming and he's alright ;-)

From the heart, your cheering compagnons!



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