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Your photo in the compagnon calendar 2018

compagnon bags are a great choice not only due to their functionality & craftsmanship but also because they look awesome everywhere you go. That’s what you, along with our entire community, prove every day. We’re constantly receiving photos from all over the globe showing your compagnons in most impressive environments. We get to see little messengers in Death Valley, backpacks in the Himalaya or Iceland, weekenders at the Cap of Good Hope and so on. Inspired by all this amazing work of yours we wanted to create something special with it.
In time for approaching year 2018 we’ll introduce the compagnon photo calendar.
You got the chance to be featured in this exclusive, limited calendar with one of your photos. The calendar will not be sold but given to our official retail partners, ambassadors and customers during pre-Christmas season. This way it will please countless eyes and hearts for an entire year.

Your creation: You took a high resolution photo, suitable for print, which shows your compagnon product (maybe even together with you) in stunning surroundings? Maybe we’ve seen your picture before or we have even shared it with our community of fans, customers and followers? Not a problem. If you want to take a shot at being published in a limited calendar alongside other talented photographers, we’re looking forward to your participation.

What happens next: If your image is picked to be featured in the compagnon calendar, we’ll add a signature line to your photo, including some sort of contact information if you wish. Additionally, you’ll receive five copier of the exclusive, limited calendar for yourself, family and friends. However, if you don’t make it into the calendar, we’ll do our best to share your image in various ways (if we did not do that already) with our community, fans and customers.

The decision: The compagnon team will chose a winning photo for every month. Decision will be made entirely based on personal taste and to achieve a harmonious overall look for the calendar. Each participant can submit one photo only. Multiple applications will be barred from the competition. Applications with invalid/incomplete information are also expelled. Please only submit photos which belong to your personal property. Any charges & consequences resulting from submitted images from someone else’s possession will be passed on to the participant.

The time is now: Deadline is September 30th 2017. Winners will be notified via Email, as soon as decisions are made. Please make sure the address you submit is correct. If we can’t get in touch with you due to an incorrect address, you’ll be barred from the competition.

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